Like A Pro – The Game With Yellow And Green

There are two main colours that are already an essential ingredient of every foundation, concealer, CC cream etc. – I’m talking about yellow and green…

I’ve been dealing with dark under eye circles for years now and I’ve never found a wonderful product that could cover it best. When I finished my makeup artist course three years ago, I was happy to have learned a lot of pro skills and especially having the knowledge has helped me when working as a freelance makeup artist in Vienna. 

Today I wanted to share with you one of those pro skills, as I believe most of you are in need of this tip. It is going to help you to get you’re makeup done like a professional and with ease. Let’s start with two words: complementary colour.

The Yellow and Green Insider’s Tip

There are two main colours that are already an essential ingredient of every foundation, concealer, CC cream etc. – I’m talking about yellow and green. You might know them already as colour correctors and they work perfectly to get rid of blue broken veins and heavy dark spots and circles. Colour correctors can come in any form such as liquids or even powders, as long as you stick to those two colours. The most familiar type is the liquid CC, but for today I’m going to use a powder, in my case an eyeshadow.

When I did it first on my clients face their reaction was like” Am I going to look like a clown?” – I was expecting that already and gave them an explanation for what I was doing. No matter what you might think first – believe me this tip really works.

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1. Start by applying a moisturizer cream to your face and leave out the under eye area.
2. Go on with your fave foundation – I decided for my current one, Loreal Paris Perfect Match Rosy Natural. Apply a thin layer under your eyes, but not to much otherwise it’s not going to stay very long.

3. Here come’s the clue- Use a yellow eyeshadow, no matter which shade as long as it’s a bright yellow. I suggest to apply with your fingers and softly dab into your skin. Don’t be afraid to apply too much and cover as much as possible.

4. Grab your highlighter or concealer, I went for the Ben Nye Concealer Wheel and applied with one of my Real Technique Brushes.
5. Once you’ve received a crazy mixture of beige and yellow use your Beauty Blender and slowly blend everything together. I used a makeup sponge instead.

6. Last but not least fix it with a transparent powder to set everything in place.

When To Use Yellow: For dark brown circles and spots
When To Use Green: For broken veins, red spots

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Let me know if you tried it ;)

xx Bella

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