Bridal Styled Shoot in Stift Göttweig

What is better than waking up early on a beautiful sunday morning and getting ready for a bridal styled shoot? Right, there are thousands of reasons

What is better than waking up early on a beautiful sunday morning and getting ready for a bridal styled shoot? Right, there are thousands of reasons to think about of going to work instead. I had the honor to drive to Stift Göttweig, a beautiful monastery to do a makeup for the bride Andra for a “Bridal Styled Shoot”.

Bridal Styled Shoot with the Groom…

styled_shoot_soraya  In cooperation with photography and the hairstylist we decided to make the day after the wedding unforgetable for the bridal’s couple.
I was wondered how it was possible for them to be fit and well after their own wedding day, but both were motivated and I was happy to do the bride’s makeup.styled_shoot_sorayastyled_shoot_soraya

Because I can’t wait to show you some photos of today’s work with Andra the bride, I decided to post some “Behind the Scene” pictures for today’s post:

The Styled Shoot Make-Up-Bride to be


When there’s an important thing I won’t forget about the bride’s makeup, then it would be the foundation. Most of my make-up time is spent for the foundation, because it is the main thing that has to last all day. It doesn’t matter if the make-up is done for a photo shoot or on the wedding day, both things are important to me and to make the bride feel safe –  foundation always rules!


I’m so glad to see the bride smile after I’ve done her make-up. On the one hand the make-up is worth it because she’s less nervous and more relaxed for her big day and although it’s the biggest compliment I could ever expect for my work. I would lie if I would say that I’m not in love with my little job!

Even if the week’s short, I think I’ll give myself a big plus for sunday’s work. What do you think?

I wish you all a beautiful monday, I shall start doing some sports now!

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