How To Style Slicked Back Hair

From all the hairstyles that we already knew, wet looks became more and more interesting each year. Kim Kardashians slicked back hair was a shoutout…

From all the hairstyles that we already knew, wet looks became more and more interesting each year. Kim Kardashians slicked back hair was kind of a shoutout to all the sophisticated fashion lovers, that even made up my mind to give it a try. 

Glamourous Slicked-Back Hair

Slicked back hair is one of those hair styles that I was always astonished by, with it’s classic unconventional and romantic outcome. Not only Gigi Hadid proofed how it’s done also bloggers  as Kristina Bazan fell for this minimalistic style. Ready for a xx? Here are two easy ways to get them perfectly sleek!

Coconut Oil + Beautifying Oil

When there’s a chance to stick to natural ingredients, I’ll go for coconut oil. It treats split ends perfectly and gives them a nice, soft feeling. However, using coconut oil as kind of a sleek product makes it even more interesting – add some drops of your fave dry oil or beautifying oil and warm between your fingers. Apply the mixture to your roots and comb them upwards. Fix with a strong hold hairspray and that’s it.

Toni & Guy – Glamour Serum Drops

I’ve been talking about this product lately on the blog. I’m always looking to treat my hair the right way, to make them look glowing and bouncy. A few drops of this oil are more than enough to get my hair ends into their natural shape and form. I have used it on my roots to get that perfect sling backed hairstyle, Never expected it to turn out that amazing on picture

As you can see there are two super easy ways to get you hair perfectly styled with minimal effort for the upcoming event.

What do you think about the new trend? Are you in to try?

xx Bella

*In collaboration with Toni&Guy 

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