Although there are still two weeks left until Christmas eve, I’m getting worried about the food binging situation that is going to await me back home. I’ve been in London now for more than three months and the last time I saw my parents was in August. Since my family is worried about my nutrition in London, I guess they’re planning to feed me up with some Viennese dishes ;) Can’t wait to have traditional  christmas bakery again and my grandmother does the best. However, life as a student often asks for some fatty and caloric food, which is why I couldn’t resist the late night chocolate bars or twinkies I craved for many times during my study lessons.

Basically I was planning to start my Teatox journey when holiday season was finally over, to clean up my body and get rid of some extra pounds. Since the International Tea Day is just one week away – the 15th girls – I was super optimistic and couldn’t wait to try the Skinny Mint 14 Day Starter Teatox last Saturday for the first time.


What is the Skinny Mint Teatox?

Teatox = Tea + Detox! It’s a method  to cleanse your body naturally via tea drinking. Teatox-ing should boost your metabolism and reduce bloating and burn fat. So what to do: Drink tea in the morning and evening besides your regular meals for the perfect body balance.

SkinnyMint-1If you haven’t heard about the Instagram hyped Teatox challenge by SkinnyMint before, here are some basic rules to follow:

Morning Boost

This tea is your Kickstarter of the day and you can consume it during your healthy breakfast or afterwards. I love the taste of it, as it’s fruity with a hint of herbs. It’s a light green tea and is currently my favourite mug in the morning. I’ll always have breakfast after my workout routine, but if you’re not a breakfast person you can sip on it as soon as you get up!

Night Cleanse

This one has a lighter taste with a bit of ginger, lemongrass and orange leaves. Whenever I get home after a long day in the city and preferably after my last meal, I love to have a hot cup of SkinnyMint before going to bed -makes me feel cozy and I fall asleep very easily!
FYI: The Night Cleanse should be only consumed every second day if you’re not a experienced “Teatoxer”. I’m definitely not, so I stick to the basic rules for now.


I’m now on day four and I must say that I feel my tummy looks quite flat! Can’t wait for the end results. As soon as I finish my Teatox journey I’ll share it on the blog – Getting really excited!

Have a beautiful week.

xx Bella