Ripped Fashion – May I have this Dance?

Ripped jeans and shirts? They’re part of ripped fashion and you decide to wear them in a classy or a shabby way. I determined for myself to create a comfortable business look.

Ripped jeans and shirts? They’re part of ripped fashion and you decide to wear them in a classy or a shabby way. I  determined for myself to create a comfortable business look.

When it comes to shoes I got a lot of high heels but no flat one’s. I saw the beautiful slip on’s in the new shoe collection of Chiara Ferragni and I wanted to get me some. I decided to buy me some in a cheaper version just to be sure before I order the expensive ones. In case I’m going to wear them more often, I will think about buying me a pair in better quality :)

I always try to experiment with my style and I thought they would be great for today’s outfit post:


Ripped fashion and a historical place…

The place called “Sofiensäle” was extraordinary and unique in its vintage atmosphere. The great hall got renovated recently and I’m really happy, that the opportunity came up for me to shoot there.
It has a little romantic story to tell, and the hall was once used as a dance hall in the 20th century. Sounds vintage to me ;)

Blouse: Zara Necklace: Thomas Sabo
Ripped Jeans: Mango Blazer: Zara
Clutch: Lola Victoria Design
Slip-on: Mango


I had really fun shooting at this place and I think I’ll keep looking for another special ones. They do have that certain something!

Sorry for missing Fridays post! I had problems with my whole blog because of a huge update and wasn’t able to write :( The issue is already fixed- I’m so glad about it!

If you have recognized the beautiful  manicure: I got it on friday at True Nails in vienna –  One of the best nail designers ever. If you want to check out, click on the link above.
How was your easter weekend? I hope you had fun searching for easter eggs!
Have a lovely monday.

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