When I wake up in the morning and I go to the bathroom, I’m always frightened when I see my puffy eyes in the mirror. I’m that type of poor girl that has to cover dark circles by two concealer layers everyday, but before doing the coverage there are a few important steps I do beforehand.

Cucumber And Potato Slices – The Basics

I think you’ll might know these good old basics already. I did it for a few months and it worked out very well for my puffy eyes. All I did was soaking some cotton pads in cucumber water to leave them overnight in the fridge. When waking up in the morning this cooling pads are a true lifesaver! Still one of the quickest methods if you want to get rid of your “Zombie problem” asap ;)

So what about potato slices? It’s one of the oldest methods. Back in my childhood I remember my mum doing her spa treatments by laying raw potato slices on her eyelids. Although this method might be successful I don’t really like the smell of raw potatoes which is why cucumbers still work best for me :P

Vitamin E Eyes Cube Is A Big Deal

A month ago I got myself one of those amazing Eyes Cube sticks at Body Shop and since then I totally fell for them. Basically it’s a cooling stick enriched with wheatgerm oil and Vitamin E that you can easily apply under your eyes. Application should be done before makeup in combination with your current skincare routine. It fights tiredness, so for me the perfect thing to use in the morning. I received the best results when leaving the cooling stick in the fridge, especially in these hot summer days! No worry, the cooling stick stays even cool without a fridge. Currently it’s the quickest and easiest method for me to use. Whenever I’m on the go I have it in my bag with me and it’s great when I feel the need to refresh myself.puffy eyes-4puffy eyes-1

So that’s the thing I use to fight my puffy eyes atm. Maybe a handy product for you girls too!
xx Bella