All I can say is that this Friday is super hot and the temperatures are still going up here in Vienna. I’m excited about the weekend and I can’t wait to continue my frozen yoghurt marathon. 
Although there’s still some time left until I finally leave, I drive myself mad and each day I need to add another task to my very long to-do list. Besides the stuff that I need to do and all the official matters that are awaiting me there’s one thing, which is more important than anything else – family and friends. Although I know my family is going to make a big drama out of it, I’m trying to stay cool and relaxed. I love them and am grateful for their support and energy they gave me the past few years. Of course there are also my girls, the pajama parties and the the long chit-chats that I am going to miss like crazy! Because I’m horrible at saying Goodbye I was planning to celebrate it and decided to organize a big barbecue this upcoming August. Won’t spoil any details before in case the girls are going to read this. So stay tuned ;)

Coming back to fashion and the fact that there’s absolutely no day below 30 degrees, I wanted to share with you this breezy and casual look.





Dress: French Connection
Sunglasses: Zara
Slip ons: Truffle Collection
Shoulder bag: Skinnydip